Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welcome to FM Distance Doc Gracielle!

This morning, after having a two weeks hiatus from running since Run United leg 2 last June 17. Together with my runner friends Doc Gracielle and Rain did a 43K LSD in preparation of their full marathon (42K) run this coming Manila leg of the Milo National Marathon on the 29th of July.

Our route was from España to Rizal Park via Legarda to MOA via Diosdado Macapagal and straight back to UP Diliman via Quezon Avenue.

At past 21K mark of our LSD, I had bloated tummy due to over hydration and this slowed me down a lot. This adds up to the long days of no run. I usually do not run longer than 21K from vacation.

With 1st time 42K runner, Doc Gracielle
At last after more than 6 hours on the road, we conquered 43K LSD distance. And it's the first time of Doc Gracielle to hit 42K or the Full Marathon distance. Congrats Doc! You are now ready for your FM debut!

With Rain and Doc Gracielle, picture mode!
Til next run guys! Goodluck to your Milo FM run! Will be with you in my thoughts :-)