Saturday, July 30, 2011

35th National Milo Marathon Manila Leg - Race Day Tomorrow

In few hours from now, the gun start for the 35th National Milo Marathon Manila leg will fire for the different race categories at the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

I signed up for the 21K category and it will be my sixth (6th) run on the same category for this year. Milo Marathon has been implementing cut-off time for the race, for 21K the cut-off time is 2:30hrs. 

For my past half marathon races, my fastest time is 2:04 at the Run with the Masters last April 17, 2011 and my slowest time is 2:18 garnered during my first 21K run at the Condura Skyway Marathon last February 6, 2011 as well as during my back to back 21K run at Goldilocks 45th Anniversary Run (May 15) and Greentennial Half Marathon (May 22).

Though, my previous finishes were inside the cut-off time, I am still uncertain especially if the weather would be rainy or wet. I just hope it will be a good and exciting run tomorrow.

Lastly, I would like to share the last few reminders from the race organizers, Runrio, Inc.


Hello 35th Milo Marathon Manila Leg participants!
The starting gun for this year’s edition of this legendary race will be fired a number of hours from now. As we end our final preparations tonight, we at Runrio together with Nestle Philippines, Inc. would like to leave you with the following last minute reminders:
1. The 35th Milo Marathon Manila Leg will be held at the SM Mall of Asia grounds. This is a new venue considering that the past Milo Marathons in Manila were held at the Quirino Grandstand area.
2. The following are the gun start times per category, please do get to the race venue (SM Mall of Asia grounds) early to avoid any inconvenience in case you arrive when the affected roads are closed already.

Race Category Gun Start Race Maps
3K Kiddie Run 5:30AM 3K map
5K Fun Run 5:30AM 5K map
10K 5:30AM 10K map
21K 5:00AM 21K map
42.195K 4:00AM 42.195K map

3. Open Car Parks within the SM Mall of Asia vicinity are located at:
- Block 12 – event area
- Block 16 carpark
- Imax parking
- Discovery parking
- Block 2
- Block 14
- South open parking facing SMX
- North Parking Building
- South Parking Building
4. Display your race bib clearly on the front of your singlet at all times during the race. Failure to do so will result to disqualification.
5. Please run only in the race category you registered in. If you did not, your timing will not be considered/counted.
6. Do not forget to write your personal details at the back of your race bib. This is essential in the event of emergency.
7. Runners should wear their Milo Marathon singlets during the race or they will not be allowed to run.
8. Official cut-off times for each race category will be implemented. Only those who met the cut-off times of their race category will be eligible to the Finisher’s Certificate (all categories), Finisher’s Medal (21km and 42km) and Finisher’s Shirt (42km).

Race Category Cut-off Time
3K Kiddie Run 1 hour after official start of race
5K Fun Run 1 hour after official start of race
10K 1 1/2 hours after official start of race
21K 2 1/2 hours after official start of race
42.195K 6 hours after official start of race
9. Baggage Area is available for 10km, 21km and 42km participants only. 3km and 5km participants are advised to bring only belongings that can be held by the hand as they will be expected to take care of their own personal items.

1. The event takes place rain or shine but we would like to advise everyone to take the necessary precautionary measures just in case this will be a wet race. You can refer to this previous post HERE for tips on how to run safely under the rain.
2. Don’t forget to EAT and HYDRATE before running – at least TWO HOURS before running to give you energy to run and finish your race.
3. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you are going into the race with not enough preparation/training, check your body’s reaction to the activity. Make sure that you are capable of running the race category you signed-up for. If you are unsure and is not feeling comfortable, nobody will be forcing you to run or finish the race because if you are feeling anything wrong, you may not be able to finish it altogether.
4. QUIT at the sign of any unease – difficulty in breathing, cold feeling creeping from below your body going updward, dizziness, feelling of throwing up. For any unusual and uneasy feeling, inform the nearest marshall on-site or anybody who can call the ambulance or medics to assist you.
5. MAKE SURE that you are physically ready to run especially for the long distance categories of 21km and 42km. There is so much our mind can do to make us go over our potentials and/or limits but what our body says should always be a main consideration too.
Runrio Inc. shares in all the excitement and anticipation of all runners and we would like to wish everyone to have a very great and safe running experience.

See you all at the starting line!

Sunday, July 24, 2011 Runfest 2011 - Race Pics & Comments

Today, July 24, 2011 was the Runfest 2011 at the Bonifacio Global City. It was second 16K event this year, the first was during the Yakult 10-Miler last March 27 at Roxas Boulevard.

The 16K route was so challenging, mostly uphill and downhill that passed through McKinley Hill and Bayani Road. The best 16K route so far, but it was also the hardest route, I was not able to beat my previous time of 1:33. But all was well and good with my time of 1:45!

Along Bayani Road
As usual, I ran alone but was greeted by the cheering and friendly volunteers and marshalls in every corner turn especially near the finish line, start at the last 1km to the finish.

But of course, I was joined by my running mates at the finish line for the photo finish shots and little talk. Finally, I met teacher Cheryl in person, and was able to meet again Ms. Melly Ng after her stint in our company.

Lastly, I got to know new peeps in the running community like the friends of Ms. Melly Ng and friends of Ms. Rexie Saldivar. Nice meeting you all guys!

With Melly Ng, Sir Val and Friends
Indeed, it was a roller coaster ride along the hills of McKinley and Bayani Road. Got some minor blisters but it was part of the fun! See you on the road guys! Next in line is the 35th National Milo Marathon on July 31st!

My personalized bib number and 16K finisher medal

For more Runfest 2011 photos, please visit my FB page or click HERE.

Thank you for the awesome event! Til next year :-)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Runrio Trilogy 2011 Leg 2: Run United 2 - My Race Kit

Last night, after I claimed my Runfest race kit at R.O.X Bonifacio High Street, I dropped by RUNNR BHS to register for the upcoming Runrio Trilogy 2011 Leg 2:Run United 2.

I registered for the 21K Powerade Run, this will be my seventh 21K event this year 2011. Still excited to run half marathon, maybe next year I can try the full marathon. Yey!

The race kit includes the usual Runrio freebies of sample medicines from Unilab, New Balance singlet, Bib Number, D-tag timing chip and the NEW Runrio Re-usable timing card.

For more race kit pics, please visit my FB page.

See you on the road guys!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Runfest on July 24, 2011 - My Race Kit

At long last, after more than a month of waiting, the claiming of race kits for the Runfest on July 24, 2011 started today, July 20, 2011. Of course, I did not waste any time and luckily I do not have classes today so I was able to pick up my race kit which includes the singlet, personalized bib number and timing chip.

All is well, but I am kinda disappointed with the material and make of the singlet especially the neckline part. Also, the name in the bib number is not that big just like the sample in the website.

But despite of all these comments, what matters most is the main event on Sunday, July 24th. I hope the organizers will make it a great event and will make up with the delayed releasing and other stuff.

For more race kit pics, please visit my FB page.

See you on the road guys!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

My First LSD Run-22.2 Km Rizal Park to Coastal Road on July 17, 2011

Last night, my running buddy Rexie Saldivar posted in her Facebook wall an invitation for LSD (Long Slow Distance) run this morning, July 17, 2011. I answered to her call and instantly I am into my first LSD. I have done several long distance runs like 21km or the half marathon but LSD is an easy pace run. You are not in a hurry to beat the clock or your Personal Record.

Aside from that, my buddy is a first timer in the 21K category so I need to pace her and to take the LSD really slow and easy. So upon meeting up at Rizal Park, Manila at 6:30 AM, we planned our route as well as the target finished time which is 3 hours.

Starting point at Rizal Park
Along Seaside Blvd near MOA
Along Seaside Blvd
Before our U-turn point
End Point at Rizal Park Kilometer 0

LSD is quite enjoyable and relaxed. But due to more than a month of running hiatus, I need to adjust and expect some body pains starting this afternoon. In all, it was a great run, I hope next LSD run, it would be longer and more participants.

Thank you buddy Rexie Saldivar for the pictures!

For more photos during our LSD run, click HERE.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Unilab Run United 2 is Runrio Trilogy leg 2- August 21, 2011


~I am glad that Unilab Run United 2 which is this year's Runrio Trilogy 2011 leg 2 will be on August 21, 2011. With this schedule I can surely join the leg 2 of the trilogy because a week before August 21 will be our midterms at UE Law School and the next Sunday, August 28 we will be in Cebu and Bohol for a short vacation. Yey!

I am aiming to complete this year's trilogy, the last leg which will be on the third Sunday of November. I hope my school and work schedules will not conflict with my running events. :-)

Here are the details of the Unilab Run United 2:

Unilab Run United 2 ‘RunRio Trilogy Leg 2′
August 21, 2011 @ 4AM
Bonifacio Global City
Organizer: RunRio

Registration Fees:
500m – PHP 500
3K – PHP 500
5K – PHP 600
10K – PHP 600
21K – PHP 750

Registration Sites:
RUNNR Store Shangrila
Planet Sports Glorietta
Planet Sports Trinoma
Toby’s MOA

Registration Period is from July 11 to July 31, 2011

For More Information Contact:

Article source:

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Azkals Beat Brave Reds 4-0

I am not that a fan to the worldwide famous game of football, but I spent my whole afternoon today, July 3, 2011 of watching the live telecast of the Philippine Azkals versus Sri Lanka Brave Reds.

Indeed, football has gone a long way to the Philippine sport scene and becoming one of the nation's favorite sport!

Congratulations to the Philippine Azkals as this win brought several FIRST to the country. Thus, making history.

First off, it was the Philippines' first-ever victory in World Cup qualifying matches. It's also the first time the country scored more than one goal in a WC qualifying match. Finally and most importantly, it's the first time the Philippines will advance to the second round of the WC qualifiers.

Azkals coach Weiss hugs Chieffy Caligdong after making the first goal at the 19th mark
Way to go Azkals and good luck to the next games!

Photo and excerpts from