Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lessons and Tips from Buying a Brand New Car

Three months ago we bought our second car, this time from Suzuki Shaw in Mandaluyong City. You may ask why we have chosen this dealership, the answer as follows:

1. We have a friend from this dealership
2. We expected that we will be given best service
3. The new model of Suzuki Celerio was good enough to impress us

But our buying experience turned out to be not good because we did not get what we expected. And we have resorted to demand letters and formal complaint. Well, I will not talk about the details as we have already entered to a compromise agreement but I would like to share the LESSONS that we learned from our bad experience.

First, NEVER GIVE YOUR 100% TRUST to your sales agent. Even though the agent is your friend, reserve some of your trust. Some people will do whatever it takes to sell even for the sake of friendship.

Second, SCOUT AND LOOK FOR OTHER DEALERSHIP. Compare their customer service standard. Compare their freebies being offered. Get other options. There are so many dealers that will offer better deals just to sell.

Third, INSPECT THE UNIT THOROUGHLY. Check everything, from the outside to the inside of the unit. Check the engine, tires, windows, steering wheel, transmission and dashboard. Most especially check the ODOMETER. It should be from 5kms to 15kms. Beyond this mileage, refuse to accept the unit.

Fourth, BEST TO BRING A TRUSTED MECHANIC to check on the unit. You won't get wrong with a third party checking on your prospect car.

I hope you will learn from our lessons. Better to be sure before buying than complain afterwards.

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