Monday, August 1, 2011

35th National Milo Marathon Manila Leg - Race Day Pics

It's almost 2 days after the 35th National Milo Marathon Manila leg which was held last Sunday, July 31, 2011 at the Mall of Asia grounds. This is the time that my leg, foot and body pains appear but all was part of the challenge and fun of being a runner.

This 35th National Milo Marathon Manila leg was a rainy one, and it was my first rainy 21K run. It was great to run in the rain, no worries for heat stroke, just still rehydrate to replenish the body fluids. The negative side is the wet shoes and wet socks which eventually will give you blisters.

As the official results at the Bazu Sports indicated, I finished at 2:17 hours which is around my regular 21K time but I got confused with the timers at the finish line which indicated a different time when I crossed the line. But anyway, its the experience that counts not the time :-)

And I am happy to meet new peeps in the running community like Miss Gracie, Miss Pam and Doc Minnie among others. Thanks and nice meeting you guys!

Running peeps, photo taken by Ms. Gracie
Photo finish! Taken by Miss Rexie

For more race day pics, please visit my FB page or click HERE.

See you on the road guys!

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