Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thank You to TBR Running Magazine!

I have been into running since March 2010 during the Globe Run for Home, but prior to running I have involved myself to different sports since High School such as Taekwondo, Chess and Badminton.

And what makes all my sports similar is that all was self taught, the interest for active living and adventure plus the love for learning and reading results to easy coping up and improvement to any sport I choose.

Since I started with my new sport, I have been researching and reading anything about running, though there are a lot of running magazines and books for a fee, but as the old saying goes, the best thing/s in this world is FREE!

What I am talking about is the FREE The Bull Runner Running Magazine, it maybe a FREE magazine but what it contains are TREASURES for every runner and even to other health enthusiast!

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From the basic information that a runner should know such as calendar of events, directory of stores, coaches, tracks among others, apparels, gadgets and running shoes to the inspirational stories of celebrities and successful personalities are all shared in the free TBR Running Magazine.

And what only left for a runner like me to do is to internalize and absorb everything, then we will be ready (and well-informed) for the road and trail alike, and most especially to our Dream Marathon (hopefully TBR DM 2013 for me)!

Thank you to TBR Running Magazine for sharing and for inspiring all of us who have been into RUNNING and to those who would still be into this lovely sport!

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To know more about The Bull Runner, please click HERE.

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