Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Second Running Shoes- New Balance!

After more than a year of using my Adidas running shoes which was a pasalubong of my Ninang Edith from Kuwait. And after more than 250 kilometers of mileage... I got myself a new running shoes for my birthday on November. Advance gift indeed, and it's a New Balance MR770GR!

My special thanks to Roxanne for the NB gift voucher, it gave me a thousand peso discount :-)

Now, I can have my first running shoes on stand by mode and for short runs. Right now, I have done several runs to break in my NB shoes, during my first 10K run with NB, I got one big blister in my right mid-foot.

My Adidas and New Balance Running Shoes
My New Balance shoes will be my running buddy when I conquer my first full marathon, as my Adidas shoes was my mate when I conquered my first half marathon up to my eight 21K this year.

See you on the road guys!

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