Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Runfest on July 24, 2011 - My Race Kit

At long last, after more than a month of waiting, the claiming of race kits for the Runfest on July 24, 2011 started today, July 20, 2011. Of course, I did not waste any time and luckily I do not have classes today so I was able to pick up my race kit which includes the singlet, personalized bib number and timing chip.

All is well, but I am kinda disappointed with the material and make of the singlet especially the neckline part. Also, the name in the bib number is not that big just like the sample in the website.

But despite of all these comments, what matters most is the main event on Sunday, July 24th. I hope the organizers will make it a great event and will make up with the delayed releasing and other stuff.

For more race kit pics, please visit my FB page.

See you on the road guys!


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