Saturday, July 16, 2011

My First LSD Run-22.2 Km Rizal Park to Coastal Road on July 17, 2011

Last night, my running buddy Rexie Saldivar posted in her Facebook wall an invitation for LSD (Long Slow Distance) run this morning, July 17, 2011. I answered to her call and instantly I am into my first LSD. I have done several long distance runs like 21km or the half marathon but LSD is an easy pace run. You are not in a hurry to beat the clock or your Personal Record.

Aside from that, my buddy is a first timer in the 21K category so I need to pace her and to take the LSD really slow and easy. So upon meeting up at Rizal Park, Manila at 6:30 AM, we planned our route as well as the target finished time which is 3 hours.

Starting point at Rizal Park
Along Seaside Blvd near MOA
Along Seaside Blvd
Before our U-turn point
End Point at Rizal Park Kilometer 0

LSD is quite enjoyable and relaxed. But due to more than a month of running hiatus, I need to adjust and expect some body pains starting this afternoon. In all, it was a great run, I hope next LSD run, it would be longer and more participants.

Thank you buddy Rexie Saldivar for the pictures!

For more photos during our LSD run, click HERE.

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