Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My First Ultra Half Marathon LSD on October 30, 2011

I was planning to have my solo ultra half marathon LSD this weekend when I learned through Facebook the organized 32K LSD of OK OK Runners. With that, I woke up very early this morning to catch up the onsite registration at Kilometer Zero.

And I was one of the early birds, the other participants who have registered online arrived past 4 AM. The orientation and warm-up took place after 4:30 AM,  and the two groups of runners with pacing 7-8mins/km and 9-10mins/km took off the road before 5AM.

Let the pictures took you to my first ultra half marathon LSD...

Warm-up after the orientation
On the road, lead pack
Just after the Coastal Mall U-turn
The first batch of 21K finishers
At our exit point in Intramuros
Post event group pic
Awarding of Finishers Medal, wow!
My big big thanks again to OK OK Runners and to ChiCem Runners! Great time running with you all especially to my pacermates Icar, Abetski, and Sir Ram!

Would love to share more pics, but storage is limited here. To view more pics, please click HERE.

See you on the road again guys!

PS. Photo credits to everyone who took all the posted pictures above ( I cannot name you all). This is my first ever run without taking my digicam. :-)

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