Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sub-Mars PF Birthday LSD Run on January 29, 2012

In support to our beloved Ms_Mars of Pinoy Fitness, I would like to invite everyone to join in her Birthday LSD Run on January 29, 2012 at Bonifacio Global City.

This will also the launch of the new Pinoy Fitness monthly LSD activity. See you all on the road!

Pinoy Fitness is launching a Monthly LSD group RUN starting on January 29, 2012 which is also a Birthday Celebration of our very own Maro Callo A.K.A. Ms_Mars!

Let’s RUN together! and Have FUN Together!
January 29, 2012 @ 5AM
16K and 20K

What is LSD?
Long slow distance is running at a moderate pace in which you can carry on a conversation and in which you aren’t panting for breath and don’t get side stitches (cramps) or a raw throat. Running LSD means that you’re running aerobically, that is, your body is getting sufficient oxygen. Running LSD means that you’re using moderation in your training and not pushing your body to extreme stress levels. Most of your training should be LSD if you want to run injury free. It’s during your LSD runs that your body develops endurance. – Running Injury Free

We Need 12 Pacers for each Category:
16K @ 7min/KM – 2 Pacers
16K @ 8min/KM – 2 Pacers
16K @ 9min/KM – 2 Pacers
20K @ 8min/KM – 2 Pacers
20K @ 9min/KM – 2 Pacers
20K @ 10min/KM [SUB-MARS] – 2 Pacers

Note: Pacers will get a limited edition Pinoy Fitness Pacer’s Tech Shirt

Registration Fee:
OPEN to ALL for FREE just bring some food, snacks and a Smile!
Kindly bring something that can make Ms_Mars Smile on her Birthday!

Want to Join US!?

Click HERE to register online.

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