Sunday, January 1, 2012

Journey to my First Full Marathon

Every individual have his or her own life goal. As a runner, I aim to do Ultra Marathon, or running more than a Marathon distance which is beyond 42 kilometers.

For me to achieve my goal, I need to undergo several training and races from short to long distance runs. After doing several half marathons on year 2011, I felt the urged to do my first Full Marathon before the year ends. With the aim to have my first Ultra Marathon at the 3rd T2N (Tagaytay to Nasugbu) on May 19, 2012.
Near Finish Line during my 1st FM @ QCIM3. Photo credit to PhillipBF Photography
With that, having my first Full Marathon (FM) is the biggest stepping stone in my sport And let me guide you in my journey to my first FM.

2011 January -
Done several short backyard runs in preparation of my first Half Marathon at Condura Skyway Marathon.

2011 February 06 - Condura Skyway Marathon
My first Half Marathon, baptized my toes with runners toe injuries with the uphill/downhills of the Skyway.
Category - 21K
Venue/Route - Ayala Avenue to Skyway to Buendia Ave., to BGC
Finish Time - 2:18
Post race pic at 2011 Condura Marathon
2011 March 06 - Unilab Run United Leg 1
My second Half Marathon just a month after my first HM.
Category - 21K
Venue/Route - BGC to Buendia Avenue back to BGC
Finish Time - 2:10
RU1 Post race pic
2011 March 27 - Yakult 10 Miler
My first 16K (10 miler) run at the Yakult 10 Miler, one of the longest running event in the country. 
Category - 16K
Venue/Route - CCP Complex to Roxas Blvd and back
Finish Time - 1:33
At Yakult 10 Miler
2011 April 02 -  Hyundai Run
My first ever FREE registration run (no other run event was offered free for the rest of 2011)
Category - 5K
Venue/Route - Quirino Grandstand to Roxas Blvd and back
Finish Time - .24
First meeting with Rexie
2011 April 17 - Run with the Masters
Registered a good time (PR) during this event, but they claimed that the distance was short of almost 1 kilometer.
Category - 21K
Venue/Route - Rizal Park to Roxas Blvd to NAIA Road back to Rizal Park
Finish time - 2:04
Exhausted! Near Finish line.
2011 May 15 - Goldilocks Run Run
Category - 21K
Venue/Route - BGC to Buendia Avenue and back
Finish Time - 2:17
Finish line pose ;-) Photo credit to Rexie
2011 May 22 - Greentennial Half Marathon
My first back to back (one week interval) Half Marathon. Registered the same time with Goldilocks Fun Run,while running with upset stomach.
Category - 21K
Venue/Route - Aseana City to Diosdado Macapagal and back
Finish Time - 2:17
With Sir Val aka GreenEyes and Rexie
2011 June
No run for June, I hate rainy months :-)

2011 July 17 - LSD 22K with Rexie
Venue/Route - KM Zero to Roxas Blvd, Coastal Mall and back
Look back shot. Photo credit to Rexie
2011 July 24 - Runfest
The hills ate me for breakfast during this run. Registered a slower time from my first 16K at the Yakult 10 Miler.
Category - 16K
Venue/Route - BGC to McKinley Hills and back
Finish time - 1:44
Heel strike! Photo credit to KB Photography
2011 July 31 - Milo 35th National Marathon Manila Elims
My first rainy run during the 35th Milo National Marathon. Same performance to previous HM's.
Category - 21K
Venue/Route - MOA to Roxas Blvd and back
Finish Time - 2:17
Post race pic. Photo credit to Rexie
2011 August 21 - Unilab Run United Leg 2
Category - 21K
Venue/Route - BGC to Buendia Avenue and back
Finish Time - 2:18
Almost there! Photo credit to Greentennial
2011 September 18  Run Rizal
Category - 16K
Venue/Route - Rizal Park to Roxas Blvd and back
Finish Time - 1:31
Shower! Photo credit to Team Tukod
2011 October 15 - Nike We Run Manila
My first night run, struggled with the heat after gun start at 5PM.
Category - 10K
Venue/Route - BGC
Finish Time - 1:05
Concert after race. With Ma'am Ayen.
2011 October 30 - LSD 32K with OK OK Runners
Completed at least 27K of the planned 32K LSD with OK OK runners in preparation of RU3 32K.

Venue/Route - KM Zero to Roxas Blvd, Coastal Mall and back plus Intramuros
With OK OK runners
2011 November 14 - Unilab Run United Leg 3
Category - 32K Afroman Distance
Venue/Route - MOA to Roxas Blvd to Buendia Ave. and back
Finish Time - 3:40
With Coach Rio at RU3
2011 November 30 - Michelle Estuar's FUNd Racing
Category - 10K
Venue/Route - ULTRA Pasig to Meralco Ave, Ortigas Center and back
Finish Time - 58 minutes
With new friend Mark Ray from ARC. Photo by HoB
2011 December 04 - Quezon City International Marathon
Category - 42K
Venue/Route - QC City Hall to UP Diliman to Commonwealth Avenue to La Mesa Dam and back
Finish Time - 5:01
With Grace Lao
2011 December 31 - Rescue Run (Race for Typhoon Sendong victims)
Category - 5K
Venue/Route - McKinley Hills, Taguig City
Finish Time - .30
Look back shot courtesy of Yongsky
Pinoy Fitness peeps. Photo credit to Yongsky
Year 2011 was my second year in running and it was a great year so far! Ending my running year with my first  Full Marathon at QCIM3 and a run for a cause at the Rescue Run.

I have registered an estimate of 400+ kilometers mileage using, following at least one-two long run a month with few short training runs to avoid too much impact on my body especially on my legs, knees and ankles as I have been suffering from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA) since college.

Thanks to my running mates especially to the Pinoy Fitness peeps, OK OK runners, ARC TFR runners and to my officemates Sir Romeo, Sam and Reman.

Looking forward for a injury-free running year this 2012 as I will be targeting my first Ultra Marathon.

See you on the road guys!

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