Saturday, March 30, 2013

46K LSD to Antipolo on Good Friday - 29Mar2013

Last Good Friday, March 29, 2013 I had my first solo LSD going up to the Antipolo Cathedral (National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage). In my planned route via Dailymile, the round trip LSD would have a total of 42K mileage, click HERE to view the map. But upon reaching the Cathedral, I decided to visit my relatives in a nearby subdivision which added at least 8K mileage.

Infront of Antipolo Cathedral on March 29, 2013
Last year, we had our Visita Iglesia with fellow running friends to Antipolo via Pasig, Cainta and Taytay.Total one way mileage was around 27 kilometers with at least 7 churches that we visited.

My LSD last Good Friday was also the first road test of my Soleus Fit 1.0 GPS watch. True enough the GPS distance did not start immediately and I had to re-start the watch at around 2K mark from my starting point in Sta. Mesa.

My GPS watch now road tested

The watch display shows 44.19Kms but the actual mileage was at plus 46Kms due to the need to re-start the GPS connection. Also, I was suppose to do a round trip LSD at 42K distance as I mentioned earlier but due to the added distance, the total distance if I had completed the route would be at least 52Kms. But upon reaching Meralco in Ortigas Center at past 1PM, I decided to call it a day and stop due to extreme heat of the summer sun.

Consumed (water partly used in cooling my head) the following during my 7 hours and 44 minutes LSD plus heat training;

A. Going up to Antipolo Cathedral (at least 21K)
1. 500ml Gatorade Grape (in my 2 bottles Nathan Hydration belt, 1 bottle left)
2. 350ml Cobra
3. 350ml Summit water
4. 28g Cloud 9 chocolate
5. 1 GU energy gel Vanilla
6. 500ml Absolute water

B. In my cousin's house and going back to Antipolo City Proper (at least 8K)
1. 300ml water (at least)
2. 2 pcs boiled banana (saba)
3. 237ml Cobra
4. 237ml Royal softdrinks

C. Antipolo Proper to Ortigas Center (around 17K)
1. 28g Cloud 9 chocolate
2. 500ml Gatorade
3. 350ml Hidden Spring water
4. 1 pc Kariman Burgoo (Mini Stop)
5. 500ml Viva water

And a lot more water plus some Gatorade and salt upon reaching home. I normally do not have the appetite to eat a lot after long run, even after ultra marathons.

For more photos on my LSD, please click HERE. Happy running!

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