Friday, January 27, 2012

Pacer's Meeting for Ms Mars PF Bday LSD Run

Last Monday, January 23, 2012, the first ever LSD pacer's meeting was held at the ROX Bonifacio High Street for the upcoming Birthday LSD Run of Ms Mars-our beloved moderator on January 29th.

As one of the volunteer pacer, I was so eager to be at the meeting place. It will be my first time to do pacing duties and I am sure it will be a great run on Sunday.

Pacer's class pic. Credit to Pinoy Fitness
The meeting started with a brief intro of Sir Jeff Lo, the admin of and followed by a short lecture on Pacer 101 by Coach Carina otherwise known as the "Flying Boar". Then followed by the discussion of the LSD route.

And not to forget the picture taking galore, as all pacers who are present were taken a solo pic for posting in the Pinoy Fitness Facebook page :-)

10K LSD route by Pinoy Fitness
The meeting was adjourned with a small snacks provided by generous donors. Great to be part of first pacer's meeting. See you all guys on Sunday!

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