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Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 - Race Day Pics and Review

Last Saturday midnight, February 04, 2012, the first midnight race in the country was held at the Condura Skyway Marathon 2012. The event venue was at Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

For the 42K or full marathon event, the race route covered five (5) cities from Muntinlupa, ParaƱaque, Taguig, Pasay and Makati. And having the Skyway for runners only once a year is indeed a great race event aside from running in the first organized midnight run!

Also ran the Skyway for fellow runners Shiela & Rona
Due to the far venue, I opted to be more early in going to the venue, and as early birds, I was the first to buy a Pinoy Fitness singlet at their booth, at the photo above is Michael, a fellow PF peep. During my first full marathon, I wore a PF Tech shirt, this time around a new PF singlet :-)

Before wave D gunstart with PF peeps
Condura also implemented wave starts, the same as last year. Since I registered late, my race bib was already at 42K wave D, or the last wave. But it was all okay because I have a lot of Pinoy Fitness peeps with me. Above photo includes Joebert, Chona, Gerald, Jared, Grace and some fellow runners :-)

Still energetic at around 15K mark
At the first half of the marathon course, Joebert, Edrick, Daniel, Jared, Grace and I maintained our pace group and had some time taking photos. The above photo was taken by Edrick. But as we progressed I observed that there were so few hydration that offered 100 plus or the partner electrolyte drink. This was a thumbs down for the organizers as I have counted only four station with 100 plus all through-out the 42K route.

Obviously at 27Km mark :-)
Approaching the 30K mark, a fellow runner, Gilbert joined our pace group which was already trimmed down to Joebert, Daniel and me. Jared and Edrick made their advance break-away and Grace slowed down.And after reaching 30K plus distance, we already felt the fatigue and cramps. It was good that for the first time I brought a superscent oil and also my ever medicine buddy- mefenamic acid (pain killer).

At around 33K mark, I had my wall which made me felt so tired and just wanted to walk. But I was determined to push myself though our target of finishing sub 5H was already not possible. That time, I made a break away to my pace group and made a solo run for the remaining kilometers until the finish line. My unofficial finish time is 5:30 - 5:35, I was so tired that I forget to check on the clock upon crossing the finish line :-(

After crossing the finish line
It was also great to meet new peeps in the running community like Gilbert from Laguna who joined us in our pace group until the past 32K mark, Randy Miranda, a fellow PF and OK OK runner, Rain Eloriaga and not to forget Doc Gracielle Daya, friend of my wife whom I failed to meet during Run United 2. Nice meeting you guys!

With Doc Gracielle. Credits to her camera :-)
All in all the race was great! In summary, here's the good and bad based in my observation for the full marathon event.

1.Conquered 5 cities in just one race
2. New route and utilized the whole stretched of the Skyway from Muntinlupa to Makati
3. First midnight run in the country (so were pioneer!)
4. Overflowing Summit water
5. Festive mode with the fireworks
6. Wide event area (that you need to really walk around just to get your medal and baggage)
7. Wave start avoided congestion (but for 42K runners of around 1,700 only, do we really need it?)
8. Post-race massage treat for 42K runners (but I think there should be more tents)

1. Only four station with 100 plus drink (long distance runners need electrolytes, not just water). Most runners also did not like 100 plus, as it tasted bad. Powerade or Pocari would be better, but Gatorade would be best!
2. Only one banana station at km20, no more, no less (the DOLE bananas are also not that ripe). QCIM3 only got 1 station but runners passed by that station twice, for Condura it's only at u-turn # 2 at NAIA toll and no return.
3. There should be a dedicated Photo booth or loots for 42K. Running that distance then you need to que again to get your photo taken is a torture (that's why I do not have photo booth pics on my 1st FM also on my 2nd FM at Condura).

Well, that's all for now. Congratulations everyone! Stay safe, run happy, live life!

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