Saturday, February 11, 2012

Unilab Run United 2011 Loyalty Shirt

Last year, the organizers of the Run United 2011 Trilogy announced that there will be a special limited edition shirt for all who will be able to complete the said trilogy, and after several months of waiting, here it is!

Just a few days ago, Runrio Inc. and Unilab anounced that the Loyalty Shirts will be available for pick-up at the Riovana BGC store starting February 11, 2012. Excited enough, I scheduled myself to be at BGC today, February 11 to pick-up my shirt ;-)

But I am slightly disappointed with the sizing, I am confused if it is mixed Asian and American size because with my Medium size shirt, the upper shirt/body fitting is all okay, the downside is the shirt length which I think is over to the Large size.

Though not so satisfied with the shirt size, I would like to still give my thanks and kudos to both Unilab and Runrio for extending this special gift to all loyal runners ;-)

See you all on the road guys!

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