Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Second Pinoy Fitness LSD Group Run on Feb 26, 2012

Hi everyone! On February 26th, the second Pinoy Fitness LSD Group Run will be happening at BGC, same venue and same time as last month's LSD :-)

I am excited to this upcoming event especially that I might be again doing the duty of a pacer for the 21K category. See you all there!

More details below as provided by Pinoy Read on guys!


Not joining any running event on February 26, 2012? But you still want to run? Then join us in our monthly Pinoy Fitness Group Run!

Let’s RUN together! and Have FUN Together!

Pinoy Fitness LSD Group Run
February 26, 2012 @ 4:30AM
BGC, Behind B7
16K and 20K

Limited to 150 Slots

NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FUN RUN EVENT! Just a group of friends who wants to meet and run together :)

What is LSD?
Long slow distance is running at a moderate pace in which you can carry on a conversation and in which you aren’t panting for breath and don’t get side stitches (cramps) or a raw throat. Running LSD means that you’re running aerobically, that is, your body is getting sufficient oxygen. Running LSD means that you’re using moderation in your training and not pushing your body to extreme stress levels. Most of your training should be LSD if you want to run injury free. It’s during your LSD runs that your body develops endurance. – Running Injury Free

Pinoy Fitness LSD Run Meeting Place:


Pace and Distance:
16K @ 6min/KM ~ 1:40
16K @ 7min/KM ~ 1:52
16K @ 8min/KM ~ 2:10
20K @ 7min/KM ~ 2:20
20K @ 8min/KM ~ 2:40
20K @ 9min/KM ~ 3:00

For those joining us this Sunday: Download Waiver Form Here:
Pinoy Fitness Feb LSD - Waiver (6)

Registration Fee:
- OPEN to ALL for FREE just bring some food, snacks and a Smile!
- Bring your own hydration/bottles! Some hydration will be provided by Run4Change but better you have your own.

Want to Join US!?

Click here to go to PF main site and to register -